Gas station attendant: a profession in the process of extinction

Imagine the following situation: you're watching a car race, whether it's Formula 1, WTCC or NASCAR. One of the drivers starts to run low on fuel, so he pulls into the pit area to refuel. When he gets there, he finds no mechanic. He gets out of the car and sees […]

Types and Classes of Roads and Highways in Spain and in General

Introduction Welcome to our article on the different types and classes of roads and highways in Spain and in general. In this text, we will provide detailed information about the classification, names, signs and characteristics of these roads, with the aim of […]

How many parts does a car have? Find out the answer here

How many parts does a car have? Discover the answer here | pistonknots Welcome to Pistonudos, your reliable source of information about the automotive world. In this article, we will answer one of the most common questions users have when looking for information […]

Used Tesla Model 3: price, problems, what to watch out for

Would you like to own an electric car and are you seriously considering buying one? Then you will surely consider the Tesla brand. Which doesn't mean buying one, in fact, le Elon Musk's American electric cars, not everyone likes them and they aren't cheap, but […]

Mercedes-Benz Rennwagen Schnelltransporter, a Lego artwork

Its lines and design made it a reference in its time, and today it is still admired and sometimes even more recognized than the cars it transported. Mercedes advertised it as "the fastest racing car transport truck in the world". Under its aerodynamic […]

It's all about videos: Ferrari 488 GTB, on test

Will its turbocharged engine be a worthy successor to the naturally aspirated one with its delicious feel and thunderous sound? It's far from the first Ferrari Turbo in history, but where beasts like the F40 or 288 GTO were scary with their concentrated kick […]