Volkswagen Polo 2017, here it is

The optimization of the platform allows much better use of space. According to Volkswagen it becomes the most spacious model in its class, and they give us the trunk data: 351 liters, a lot if compared to the 280 of the outgoing model. As the programmed deformation structures take up less space, all the interior dimensions can be extended. Volkswagen aims to seduce C-segment customers with a more mature and adult look, less utilitarian.

It measures 4,053 mm long (shorter), 1,446 mm high (lower) and 1,751 mm wide (wider than before), with the longest wheelbase it has ever had, 2,564 mm.

It will be highly customisable in terms of design, with 14 body colours, 12 standard and two-tone wheels (14 to 18 inches), different dashboard inserts and 11 seat covers. They will be available aesthetic packages R-Line, Black and Style, in addition to the genuine GTI. By the way, the cool exhaust tailpipes on the R-Line are fake - a fashionable pity, really. The design aims to impose dynamism from the front with a rising line from a very flat hood. Visually it is wider and more mature, like the latest models (Passat, Golf, Tiguan, Arteon...).

Volkswagen Polo 2017, here it is

The interior features a driving position in which the driver is the absolute protagonist, with a fully digital instrument panel for medium and higher versions. It's not the same Digital Cockpit we've been seeing for two years, it's a new generation, and the Polo debuts it throughout the Volkswagen Group. At a similar height has the infotainment system screen, 6.5 to 8 inches, which is perfectly integrated into the dashboard and at the right height. There are still rivals that put the air vents above.

Among the technologies and equipment you can have, we can mention the panoramic sunroof (one of the largest in the segment), inductive mobile phone charging, dual USB port, ambient lighting, full LED headlights, allergen-proof air filter, variable damping (Sport Select), semi-autonomous parking system, keyless entry and start or a 300-watt Beats sound system.

More important are the driving aids. Combining cameras with radar you can have adaptive cruise control (at any high speed), blind spot warning, lane change assistant, collision protection parking "at the touch" or autonomous braking for vehicles or pedestrians. Depending on the finish these equipment will be not available, optional, or standard. We will have to wait to know all the marketing details.

Volkswagen Polo 2017, here it is

The range will be divided between Edition, Advance, Sport and GTI, as before.

Prices will start in Germany at 12,975 euros without discounts. For the Spanish market prices will have to wait a few months, but will be similar to the current: or more car for the same price, or an advantage in equipment for a slight increase in rates.

The engine range will start with engines from 65 to 115 hp. In the initial offer will be three-cylinder gasoline engines without turbo (MPI) and turbo (TSI), including for the first time a version of compressed natural gas. As for tankers, two power levels are expected from the 1.6 TDI, 80 and 95 hp. In the upper echelon will be the 1.5 TSI EVO (150 hp, not available in Spain) and a top of the range -GTI- 2.0 TSI with 200 hp. We do not know consumption or performance data. The versions of more than 95 hp will opt for seven-speed DSG gearbox.

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