Which Tesla has a sunroof?

Qual Tesla tem teto solar?

Cars with sunroofs not only look fantastic, but this feature also lets in more natural light than a typical area of ​​glass would provide. And because more light enters the car, the cabin feels bigger. But which Tesla is equipped with a sunroof?

At present, no Tesla is being produced with a sunroof. Nonetheless, the 2012 Tesla Model S had two roof options: a panoramic roof and a conventional body-colored aluminum roof. However, Tesla stopped making Model S with a panoramic roof because it had several reliability problems.

Some people still think that several Teslas are equipped with a sunroof to this day. This is incorrect as they usually confuse glass roof and sunroof. Tesla Model 3, Y, X and S all have a glass roof. This roof makes the cabin feel airy and spacious.

Is it possible to install a sunroof on a Tesla Model 3, Y or X?

It is possible to install an aftermarket sunroof on the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. However, you will need to make many modifications to these cars to make this possible. Other than that, you will have to spend a lot. However, the sunroof may not change the resale value of the car all that much.

However, if you want to install an aftermarket sunroof on your Tesla Model X, this won't be possible. The main reason behind this is the hawk-wing doors. These doors take up most of the roof, making it even more difficult to install something as simple as a roof rack.

Which roof is better – panoramic sunroof or glass roof?

Between 2012 and 2018, Tesla allowed people to choose a Tesla Model S with a panoramic sunroof or a body-colored aluminum roof. The panoramic roof was more stylish and practical than the traditional aluminum-colored roof. But due to its reliability issues, the company decided to introduce the glass roof in 2016.

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So if you want a roof that allows natural light and air into the cabin, then the panoramic roof is the best roof. But if you want a roof that lets in light and is more reliable, then a glass roof is the best choice. In addition, current Tesla models are equipped with a glass roof.

If you want a Tesla with a panoramic roof, you'll need to look for 2012 Tesla Model S cars. These are hard to find and can be expensive to maintain.

Features of the 2012 Tesla Model S


The 2012 Tesla Model S with panoramic sunroof looks great with a modern finish. It has four variants to choose from, which include the Tesla Model S sedan, performance, signature and signature performance. All of these variants are 4-door sedans with a rear-wheel drive system.

Like the latest Tesla Model S range, the 2012 version also has a luxurious and spacious interior. It seats up to 5 people with an optional rear-facing third row seat. Other than that, it boasts of a 17-inch display, from which almost everything in the car can be controlled.

Also, this is the model that made Tesla more popular and gave German cars a run for their money. It's still one of the best sedans on the market, and the best electric sedan ever built.


Unlike its last counterpart, this car wasn't very fast, but it was still faster than the competition. The 2012 Tesla Model S accelerates from 0 to 60 in 4,6 seconds, which was outstanding at the time. At present, the Tesla Model S can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 2,3 seconds.

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Does Tesla Model 3, Y and X have sunroofs?

No, only the Tesla Model S has a sunroof. Additionally, only 2012 to 2018 Tesla Model S models have a panoramic sunroof. Any Tesla Model S created after 2018 comes with a glass roof like other Tesla models. Yes, Tesla Model X, Y and 3 have a glass roof.

How can I find a Tesla Model S with a sunroof?

If you're looking for a Tesla with a sunroof, you'll need to purchase it through private owners or Tesla's used inventory. While private sales are cheaper and quicker to acquire a Tesla, the best way to buy a used Tesla is through the Tesla Used Inventory.

Unlike buying the 2012 Tesla Model S through a private owner, buying through Tesla used inventory assures you of the condition of the car. That's because Tesla Used Inventory offers 145 inspection points and a limited warranty for used vehicles.

What they don't offer that a private seller or owner will offer are photos of the car. But since it offers inspection and manufacturer's warranty, it's your best option to avoid buying a problem car.

Does Tesla still make cars with sunroofs?

No, Tesla no longer makes cars with sunroofs. Tesla produced the Tesla Model S with two roof options: a panoramic roof and a tinted aluminum roof. However, in 2018, the company stopped producing sunroof Teslas due to reliability issues.

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Why did Tesla get rid of the sunroof?

The main reason Tesla ditched the panoramic sunroof is that it leaked water through the roof during heavy rains. This was mostly due to a manufacturing defect that caused the panoramic roof to damage its seals every time it was opened or closed. Eventually, this caused Tesla to issue recalls.

How does the Tesla panoramic roof work?

The panoramic roof was operated by fully adjustable settings from the touchscreen menu or the steering wheel in some scenarios. These settings could be used to open or close the sunroof. The roof lifted and slid back along its rails at the top of the car, while a small windshield opened at the front.

In conclusion

The only Tesla with a sunroof is the 2012 Tesla Model S. Tesla no longer makes cars with a sunroof or a panoramic roof. So, if you want a Tesla with a sunroof, you'll need to look for a 2012 Tesla Model S used car with this feature.

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