Tesla test drives can be booked remotely, even in Europe

Tesla test drives can be booked remotely, even in Europe

Tesla it was among the first manufacturers that allowed customers to buy an electric car without going to a dealership. For years, just go to the site and do everything while sitting comfortably at home.

Now, always in remote, also allows you to book and make a Test Drive. Do you want to buy a car from the American manufacturer? Book your driving session, go to the appropriate hub, take your nice ride and then bring the car back to where you picked it up. All easy, all feasible through a smartphone or a PC, all without having to physically interface with anyone.

From today, this way of getting in touch with the Tesla universe is also available in Europe. In Sweden, in fact, the first “remote test drive hub” of the Old Continent.

Solo test drive

Customers can book a online appointment on the official Tesla website setting the time and day when they intend to carry out their test drive. Then, once they arrive at the hub, they will have to call a House employee who will remotely unlock the car, which is located in a sort of garage-workshop, and will assist the driver in starting the driving session. Once this is done, you can use the car independently for 30 minutes and then you will bring it back to the hub.

A new sales model

This initiative is part of a larger plan that Tesla is putting in place to make sales operations increasingly efficient and less expensive. In the United States, for example, Casa has already begun to use virtual consultants instead of the "physical" ones to give assistance to customers who are interested in buying cars.

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