TESLA MODEL 3 BASE. The one to buy! FROM €30.000 with INCENTIVES

TESLA MODELO 3 BASE. Aquele a comprar! DESDE 30.000€ com INCENTIVOS

Base, the cheapest of all. The less equipped this Model 3 is, the more it convinces us. If you are not looking for exaggerated performance or a particular autonomy, you will also be able to benefit from incentives, both state and regional ones if you live in Lombardy, and at the price you reach it is really difficult to resist.

Design and Interiors

Il design it is the usual of Model 3, we know it really well by now and it is difficult to describe it more than it has already been done. It is a 4,69m sedan with a glass roof (by the way, beautiful and which does not create temperature problems for the occupants because it is properly shielded), a steeply inclined rear window and 18" alloy wheels. Yes, under those covers of questionable taste even if aerodynamically efficient there are still some alloy wheels trunk it has a capacity of over 500 liters to which you can also add a few dozen of the front one located under the bonnet.

- interior, even on the basic version, they are rich in materials that are pleasant both to the eye and to the touch and you certainly don't feel it on a "bare" car. The design, needless to say, is Tesla's usual super minimalist with the large central tablet reigning over the dashboard. No Android Auto and Apple Car Play, they haven't bowed to this yet. The space isn't bad either, the tallest ones still manage to sit even in the back and don't have problems with their heads given the glass roof that doesn't steal inches.

Test Drive Teslas are always appreciated when driving. If you follow us you already know how we think, very good driving dynamics and behavior on the road but driving assistants to be improved. It may be that they are calibrated more for American traffic but here on our roads European cars manage to do much better in terms of autonomous driving. However, all this "problem" does not exist here because we are talking about the basic version, therefore no Autopilot but simple driving assistants such as sensors for the traffic that surrounds us, lane assistant, cameras that show us the blind spot and adaptive cruise control and they all work fine.

La driving dynamics it is also excellent on this basic model, there is no electronically controlled suspension but the set-up is very well calibrated, the steering is communicative and direct (here, the turning radius is not the shortest) and the power is still more than sufficient even if we are on the single motor. One 0-100 in just over 6 seconds it's certainly not bad. In terms of power we are talking about 239 kW and 420Nm, Tesla does not officially declare the data but these should be and they are not few.

Il price of Model 3 base is of 41.490 € but eco-incentives help a lot, if we add up the state incentives and those of the Lombardy region for residents, precisely, in Lombardy you can bring home with 30.690 euro, really important fact. Best buys? Yes, at this price Model 3 becomes a best buy electric!

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