Singer's magic with classic Porsche 911s

The starting point is a Porsche 911 964 (1990-1994), although the final appearance is very similar to the Porsche of the 70s.

Once the car enters the workshop a process of thousands of hours of work begins. The 964 is completely disassembled down to the bare monocoque. It is then given an anti-corrosion treatment and strengthened to cope with the power of its new engine. The next step is to replace most of the body panels (roof, flared wings, bumpers, etc.) with carbon fibre ones. Here the bill starts to take the weight that the car is losing. Of course all electrical systems, upholstery, interiors ... are new.

The braking system is inherited from the 993 Turbo and as for engines Singer gives us three options, these are: a 3.6 of 270 hp, a 3.8 of 360 hp and the recently introduced 4.0 of 390 hp. All of them are air-cooled boxer six-cylinder engines, manufactured by the Californian company Ed Pink Racing Engines and tuned by Cosworth. The options offered by Singer for the gearbox are two, manual of course; a Getrag G50 five-speed and a Getrag G50/LSD six-speed. The suspension is signed by Ohlins and is specially tuned by the brand for this model.

As you can imagine, each model is unique, as they are made to order with the technical specifications and personal requirements of each customer, as befits a business whose nature is to offer unique products. Singer's customers are not the kind of people who are afraid of the final bill, so when they order a model they tend to demand every last one of the options offered by the company. What we would all do, right? I'm sure any of us if we saw one on the street the first thing we'd do would be to plant our greasy noses in the driver's window to admire it.

If anyone at any point doubted the viability of the business plan and thought there weren't many people willing to pay 350,000 euros for a refurbished 911 964, they were wrong.

Dickinson and his team have been exclusively dedicated to the business for six years and the order book is overflowing with orders. Annual production currently stands at 25 cars. Forty have already been delivered to their owners, and if you want one, the delivery time is about two years. This is a professional success story.

Singer's magic with classic Porsche 911s

Much of its charm lies in its exclusivity. There are many people who don't understand Singer's business. They find it strange that the price of this finished car is much higher than the value of the model on which it is based. But the advantages of this car are not only the exclusivity, because its resale price far from devaluing is increasing, and that is a great added value.

It is no coincidence that this type of creations are so fashionable, as modern sports cars are faster than ever but offer a level of performance unusable in everyday life. We live in a time when our role as drivers is taking a back seat, so it's not surprising that people are looking for something different. The potential Singer customer switches sidewalks when they walk through the door of a Tesla dealership and see their semi-autonomous model.

And what's fantastic is that Singer puts an end to the problems that traditionally have the classics, and that is that with continued use accuse fatigue of materials, brakes and tires in addition to the discomfort of another era. Singer offers a classic aesthetic with modern technical solutions giving a second life to the 964, and the result is amazing.

Singer's magic with classic Porsche 911s

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