On Teslas, the Netflix account sharing ban will not apply

    Em Teslas, a proibição de compartilhamento de conta Netflix não se aplica

    Starting next March it will no longer be possible share your Netflix account with people outside the family: however, this prohibition will not apply to the cars of Tesla where you can continue to watch the streaming platform freely.

    The new policy of Netflix provides that the shared account is now reserved only for family members, members who live under the same roof and who share the same Wi-Fi. A system that was introduced by the most famous streaming platform in the world to increase revenues, in light of the fact that there were millions of users, including the Spanish, who bought a single subscription and then divide it among friends and relatives.

    In light of the increase in competition with Prime and Disney+ above all, Netflix has well thought of prohibiting this practice by establishing precise rules, starting with the fact that the user who wants to connect to the account must check the same at least once a month. The interesting thing is that this practice it won't affect Tesla owners who will be able to continue watching films, TV series and documentaries through the generously sized "tablet" positioned in the center of the car console.

    The matter was confirmed by a Netflix spokesman who spoke with Drive Tesla, explaining precisely that the streaming service can continue to be used without any block and without the need to pay the expected monthly surplus if you want to keep your account. It is not clear whether this concession will apply only to American users or not, the fact is that there have been many overseas who have decided to cancel their Netflix subscription after the company's decision. Obviously, more certain and official news is expected that sheds light also with regard to the owners of Tesla-branded cars outside the borders of the stars and stripes, including Spain, with the hope that the facilitation will persist.

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