ABT Sportsline presents an even more radical RS3.

To do so, ABT has lent a hand to the current generation Audi RS3 and presented a few days ago the RS3 ABT with the ABT Power R kit, which results in the imposing figure of 500 hp power and improved driving dynamics. Thanks to this kit the performance of the RS3 increases considerably but according to ABT, without harming its reliability or fuel consumption.

Of course ABT has not only focused on getting all the juice out of the 2.5 TFSI five-cylinder that hides under the hood of the RS3, as it has been responsible for providing the small Audi with new springs and stabilizer bars ABT with the help of its partner KW.

As for the brakes, ABT gives the possibility of installing an upgraded brake kit for your RS3 that presents a huge 380mm discs behind the 19 or 20-inch wheels that we offer.

For the interior the German company offers a carbon fiber finish as well as ABT inscriptions and other details in the upholstery.

On the outside we find a front splitter that gives it a more aggressive look, the grille with the ABT logo and a larger rear diffuser, this accompanied by a new exhaust system with double outlet on each side of 102mm that will not make us go unnoticed as a result of the imposing sound that this generates.

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