New Easy-R robotised gearbox for Dacia range

    New Easy-R robotised gearbox for Dacia range

    Before the end of the year, the Logan, Logan MCV, Sandero and Sandero Stepway will be available with the new Easy-R automated manual transmission.
    Initially it will only be available with the 90bhp TCe petrol engine and will be priced around 600 euros more than the standard manual gearbox, along with a start/stop system.

    This is a box with five-speed manual gearbox but with the peculiarity that has automated processes clutch, gear insertion and disengagement. All of them by means of an electronically controlled hydraulic mechanism.

    In addition, the number of components has been reduced by around 25% compared to classic automatics in order to offer greater reliability and simplify maintenance.

    The transmission has two operating modes: "Drive" (automatic) and "Manual". In Drive mode, the driver drives the vehicle like an automatic. In Manual mode, the driver decides when to select and change gear by moving the lever up and down. As a result, the transmission can be used as a manual gearbox or 100% automatically.

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