Dacia Logan MCV Stepway

Dacia itself has in its range of an SUV, the Duster, however, in 2010 presented the first vehicle of the Stepway family, this type of bodywork provides a crossover image, but it is just that, image. They derive directly from pure and simple passenger cars, something that, honestly, seems much more logical to me: 99%? of SUVs the closest thing to the field that have stepped are the car parks with the sandy floor.

The first to adopt this name was the Dacia Sandero, with the Stepway version accounting for a good percentage of sales. Then came the Lodgy and the Dokker, and now we have the Logan MCV. All these models retain front-wheel drive, but with their increased ground clearance they are easier to drive on the road without damaging the underbody, or appearing to be what they are not: off-roaders. From a practical point of view, it is also an option for those who want a traditional family car but prefer a high visual aspect or greater height for postural reasons (back, to place chairs, etc).

Ground clearance is 174 millimetres.

Dacia Logan MCV Stepway

The "camper" version of Logan MCV will be presented at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. It is a family car with an off-road look and a ground clearance 50 mm higher than the normal Logan MCV. We could say that the Logan MCV Stepway Logan MCV is a Skoda Scout or a Subaru Outback in low-cost version, bridging the gap. It is in price and quality well below these, although the approach of the vehicle is very similar. It will be available with 90 hp engines, both petrol (0.9 TCe) and diesel (1.5 dCi).

This version is distinguished from the rest of the range by various aesthetic details such as underbody protection and an interior with a specific design, in addition to the greater ground clearance for suspension and tyres with a larger profile. Another visual difference is the elimination of the plastic inserts in the doors, as the lower protection serves the same function. The result is a bit cleaner and, depending on who is looking at it, even prettier. The grille, mirror housings, fog lights, bumper lips and roof rails are all in the same colour, Dark Metal.

At the Geneva Motor Show, Dacia will also present the new "Globetrotter" limited series, available on all models of the Stepway family (Sandero, Dokker, Lodgy and now also Logan MCV) as well as Duster. It is distinguished by two exclusive colours (Iceland Grey, available on all models, and Copper Orange, only on Sandero Stepway), new wheel rim designs, interior in copper orange tones (console trim, air vents, stitching on the floor mats and upholstery) and exclusive upholstery in two materials. The images are not to scale:

At the moment Dacia has not given prices of this new version but surely will be somewhat higher than the rest of the range, as happens in the rest of his brothers, although the price difference will not be very large.

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