Tesla Model 3 data sheet: interior, exterior, trunk

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Tesla Model 3 it is one of the best-known sedans among lovers of the electric sector. We're talking about an elegant, spacious and very versatile car, undoubtedly one of the spearheads of the American manufacturer.

Over the years, Elon Musk and his team have bet on a model that has performance comparable to that of a supercar.

The performances are remarkable and the recharge times are not high compared to the average.

So let's see all the features of Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model 3: interior

There is no shortage of space in the passenger compartment. The interior consists of a large touch screen from 15 inch that characterizes the front of the car, the passenger compartment is very welcoming and the brightness it is one of the main features of the interior of the Tesla Model 3 also thanks to the particular roof.

Technology is not lacking on board, the aforementioned screen assists the driver in every situation.

The systems are quite intuitive and simple to operate, the infotainment and driving aids are of quality.

The shape of the trunk is regular and the boot capacity reaches an impressive 542 liters.

By folding down the rear seats, capacity increases to 646 litres.

Finally, one of the most distinctive features is the key.

Tesla Model 3 supports a total of well 19 keys, which include both phone keys, card keys and the key that allows you to use buttons to open the front and rear luggage compartments and to lock and unlock the car.

Tesla Model 3: exterior

Let's go to the outside of the Tesla Model 3 indicating the main features starting from the size of the car.

The style is unique and very smooth, and the dimensions of Tesla Model 3 are respectively: 4,6 meters long, 1,93 meters wide and 1,44 meters high. The total wheelbase is 2,87 metres.

The front of the car features air vents for cooling the mechanical parts and from butt is led which have a one-of-a-kind design.

The lines that characterize the upper part of the car are also sought after, the shape of the roof in fact streamlines the entire car which appears very aggressive.

Also interesting is the rear axle with the headlights that fit perfectly in correspondence with the tailgate.

Apparently a sort of division is created at the rear with an 'area' dedicated to the number plate and logo.

Tesla Model 3: engines and consumption

Obviously we are talking about Tesla and consequently one fully electric car.

However, there are due distinctions to be made, the car in question mounts one 50 kWh battery (lithium-ion) with an engine that reaches the maximum power of 306 hp (225kW).

Autonomy fluctuates around 500km, the average consumption is 6,1 km/kWh and the maximum speed that Tesla can reach is 261 km/h.

Tesla Model 3 it is recharged through a socket located on the left side, behind the door and belongs to the rear light unit.

There could soon be a real restyling of the Tesla jewel, a brand in search of new stimuli that wishes to remain a reference in the varied electric segment.

Tesla Model 3 price

you can find Used Tesla Model 3 from Rattix at a starting price of 37.979 euros.

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