How to access the radio in your Tesla Model 3

Como ligar o rádio no Tesla Model 3

You would like to listen to music in your Tesla Model 3, unfortunately you don't know how to turn on the radio? And on long journeys it is always pleasant to be accompanied by a minimum of music to relax and also not to doze off. In this tutorial we will show you how to turn on the radio on your Tesla Model 3.

Namely: the car radio is an electronic device of your Tesla Model 3, it is connected by electric cables to your car battery. In general it comes on when you start your Tesla Model 3, however, depending on your settings, it may be that when you use your Tesla Model 3 for the first time but also after changing the battery, you have to take a step to turn on the radio .

To help you, we'll start by explaining to you how to turn on the radio on the tesla model 3 engine running, then in the same way we will tell you how to turn on the radio on tesla model 3 with the engine off , But also how to turn on the radio on tesla model 3 after changing the battery and finally if this does not apply we will list you the possible causes of a radio failure on Tesla Model 3.

1-How to access the radio in your Tesla Model 3: motor access

The process is simple, after putting the keys into the ignition of your Tesla Model 3, if the radio does not turn on automatically, all you have to do is press the power or "ON" button on the dashboard of your Tesla Model 3. If the car radio works, the dashboard will light up then you can set the radio frequency according to your preferences.

2-How to turn on the radio on Tesla Model 3: engine off

If the radio stops working directly when the engine is turned off in your Tesla Model 3. But even if you don't have the option to turn it back on by clicking the power or "ON" button, then there are some solutions to try.

For some Tesla Model 3 ranges you can: press the starter button twice without pressing the brake pedal, this allows you to put your vehicle in an intermediate mode before starting the engine to turn the radio back on.

So now when you remove the ignition your radio will stay on.
Note that on some models the configuration is already like this and the radio switches off automatically after a certain time or when you lock your Tesla Model 3.

Be careful if you leave the music on for a long time and the engine is off you risk depleting your battery as with the lights on.

3-How to turn on the radio: after replacing the battery

If you recently replaced the battery in your Tesla Model 3, you will generally need to enter the security code into the car stereo to reactivate it.

This can be found in your Tesla Model 3's registry, but you can also go to a dealer who can give it to you upon presentation of your vehicle registration document.

Small warning, the number of tests is limited. If you pass it, the car stereo will freeze for a while. You will probably have to wait 1 hour with the engine running and the radio on for the screen to reset. But even if you get it wrong too often it can block it permanently.

4-Possible causes of a radio failure on Tesla Model 3

Despite everything, the car stereo still does not turn on then it is likely that you have a system malfunction. We can find various possible causes.

First of all, you'll want to look at the fuses. Check if the car radio fuse is not damaged. You can consult the articles described above to help you because all the fuses in your Tesla Model 3 are grouped together in the same box.

If the malfunction does not come from the fuses, it is also possible that the connection of the car radio does not go as it should. Just before we stated that the car radio had to be connected to the battery by cables. In this way the power supply to the car radio is organized thanks to the black socket which allows the connections. You will therefore have to check that the yellow wire (permanent power) is connected to the yellow receiver, the red wire (power after contact) is connected to the red or yellow receiver (to have permanent power) and finally the black wire (ground) is connected to the black receiver.

Otherwise the problem can also come from the button if the car radio is worn.

To finish this tutorial: Depending on your situation, there are various ways to turn on your car radio, however if it is faulty and you need help, you can also go to a professional and repairs should normally not cost you much.

To learn more about the maintenance of your Tesla Model 3, we invite you to consult our other articles on the Tesla Model 3.

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