Volkswagen summons Golf GTI fans at Jarama

    Volkswagen summons Golf GTI fans at Jarama

    Owners of a Golf GTI are welcome, regardless of generation. Reserved parking is available in the paddock, separated by generation. Owners of a Golf GTE (plug-in hybrid) or regular Golf are also welcome. GTD's aren't mentioned in the whole press release, because combining the words "diesel" and "Volkswagen" sounds a bit awkward now.

    Entry is free, and Volkswagen has something in store for the first 500 registrants at They'll get access to a track test - accompanied by an instructor - to taste the Golf GTI Clubsport, Golf GTI, Golf GTI Performance or Golf GTE. It's supposed to be half an hour per head, and if there are 500 registered, I figure 250 hours of testing, so there will have to be a few cars on the track at a time, at least 15.

    Among the activities planned, there are contests (the oldest, the best preserved, the most original ...), live music from different eras that starred each generation, a parade on the track of Jarama, extreme parking exhibition of Ronny Wechselberger, see prototypes (Golf R 400, GTI Roadster ...), plastic workshops for children, etc..

    Anyone can join, whether they have a Volkswagen or not, and it doesn't matter if it's a diesel. Tickets are for one person only except for Golf owners (four companions) and children under 14 years of age (exempt).

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