Tesla Model 3: prices, dimensions and features

The medium sedan from Palo Alto stands out for its performance and autonomy which is close to 600 km

Tesla can boast a long-standing commitment to the electric sector: it was 2017 when it unveiled the Tesla Model 3, four-door sedan with an intriguing design. Today, with an even simpler range, the American electric sedan continues to be one of the flagships of the Californian brand. It sports an essential but high-tech interior, while boasting efficient batteries and fast recharges via the Supercharger network.

Below is the technical data sheet of the Tesla Model 3:

Technical Sheet
Number of seats 5
Trunk 542 liters
Power supplies power
Cv/kW (da) 306/225
Price (from) €44.990
News 2023
Why buy it

News 2023

As of autumn 2021, the rear-wheel drive, single-engine version (i.e. the entry-level version) has dropped the Standard Range Plus label and reverted to a simpler designation: Model 3. Indeed, the price list update presents a new access version to the range, which replaces the "old" SR+. The differences are invisible, but important nonetheless. Production moves from Fremont to Shanghai, in the Chinese gigafactory and the most significant innovation concerns the batteries. Here i will be produced new lithium iron phosphate (Lfp) batteries of Catl which, while maintaining the same dimensions, make available a greater energy density. We then go from 448 km of autonomy to 491 km, arriving at only 120 km of difference with the Long Range. However, the price is paid in terms of performance: if the Standard Range Plus completed the 0-100 km/h in just 5,6 seconds, the new Model 3 takes 6,1.

Tesla Model 3: dimensions

La Tesla Model 3 enters the sedan market decisively thanks to the ideal dimensions to also satisfy the demands of the European market. The length of 4 meters and 69 centimeters offers good internal roominess for five passengers, thanks also to the wheelbase of 2,87 metres, while the width and height measure respectively 193 and 144 centimeters.

Peculiarities of Tesla Model 3 is the double boot, front and rear, which guarantees an overall capacity of no less than 542 litres.

Length 4.690 mm
Width 1.930 mm
Height 1.440 mm
Passo 2.870 mm

Tesla Model 3: exterior

The design of the Tesla Model 3 is decidedly pleasant, linear, fluid and clean. The front is characterized by the absence of the grille on the nose, while the headlights full-LED they start from the wheel arches and then converge towards the center with a sharp and gritty design. The lower part of the front bumper has a small horizontal slot dedicated to the air intakes for cooling the mechanical parts, while the direction indicators are located on either side.

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Tesla Model 3: Exterior

The side has a high beltline and features the distinctive feature of an arched roof that gives the Tesla Model 3 a coupe-like appearance. The wheel arches are well highlighted and the sides are sculpted to give the car further character. The rear of the car is equally successful. The headlights have guessed proportions and develop horizontally until they fit into the tailgate, dividing it into two clear parts thanks to a line that separates the upper part from the one dedicated to the number plate. A hint of spoilers finally, on the tail it gives a touch of sportiness to the car.

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Tesla Model 3: interior

As per tradition, the interior of the Tesla Model 3 they are characterized by the exclusive presence of a large 15-inch touchscreen positioned in the center of the dashboard from which it is possible to control all the car's functions.

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<a name=Tesla Model 3: prices, dimensions and features" src="/images/posts/463e92f3a01bdeb86b0f1e7ab1a3ef41-4.jpg">

Tesla Model 3: interior

The interior design is therefore totally minimalist, thanks to the total absence of buttons, while the finishes are high-level and allow passengers to enjoy a relaxing and well-finished environment.

Tesla Model 3: engines

The Tesla Model 3 is offered in Spain in three versions:

  1. Model 3: from 306 hp
  2. LongRange: from 476 hp
  3. Performance: from 490 hp

The first, rear-wheel drive, mounts a 50 kWh battery, which delivers a maximum power of 306 CV (225 kW), which promises a top speed of 225 km/h and a 0-100 km/h sprint in 6,1 seconds. The last two are instead equipped with a 75 kWh battery, declined in the Long Range version from 476 CV (350 kW) and in the Performance version from 490 CV (360kW).

Both models have an all-wheel drive Dual Motor engine, but as the name suggests the Performance records slightly better performance, top speed of 261 km/h and 0-100 km/h in 3,3 seconds, while the Long Range achieves a peak of 233 km/h and reaches 100 km/h in 4,4 seconds.

Tesla Model 3: consumption

When talking about the Tesla Model 3 it is irrelevant to consider consumption. Rather it is important to look at the autonomy guaranteed by the batteries. The Model 3 version with Lfp battery has a range of 491 km calculated on WLTP cycle. The higher models perform better: the Model 3 Performance drives along 547 km with a single charge, while the Long Range promises up to 602 km of autonomy. The recharge times are also excellent. For the Long Range version, 15 minutes of recharging with the Supercharger are enough to travel a good 275 km.

Tesla Model 3: setups

Beyond the standard equipment are three setups available for your Tesla Model 3:

  • Model 3: the entry variant to the range with rear-wheel drive.
  • LongRange: it is less powerful than Performance but gains in terms of efficiency and range.
  • Premium: the top of the range, which stands out above all for its technological equipment.

Model 3: in the basic equipment we find Music and multimedia contents via Bluetooth®, tinted glass roof with UV and infrared protection, heated, electrically foldable and auto-dimming rear-view mirrors, personalized driving profiles, wireless phone charging in the center console, 649 liters of cargo space including front trunk space, Heated seats – All 5 seats with individual controls, Heated steering wheel, Interior carpets, Automatic Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Monitoring System, Frontal Impact Warning, Collision Warning Lateral, Lane departure prevention and emergency correction system, Acceleration with obstacle detection, LED daytime running lights, Sentry mode, Cabin overheating protection, Vehicle position monitoring in the app, Personalized audio system, with immersive sound.

Long Range: compared to the standard equipment, it also adds a Premium audio system with 13 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 amplifiers and immersive sound

Performance: more than Long Range Premium audio system with 13 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 amplifiers and immersive sound, 20″ Überturbine rims, Performance brakes, carbon fiber spoiler, aluminum alloy pedals.

Tesla Model 3: why-buy it

  • Style: like all Tesla models, the Model 3 also commands attention as a supercar.
  • Space: the absence of the endothermic engine gives a lot of space to the American.
  • Performance: top performance, both speed and range-related.

Tesla Model 3: prices

Here are the prices for the Tesla Model 3 updated to January 2023:

Tesla Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive Price
Model 3 €44.990
Tesla Model 3 All-wheel drive Price
Long Range €52.990
Performance €59.990
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