The cabin filter: when should it be changed and how much does it cost?

The cabin filter: when should it be changed and how much does it cost?

What is the car interior filter?

The car passenger compartment filter is a device that purifies the air entering the passenger compartment. The passenger compartment filter traps smog, noxious fumes, dust, pollen and all kinds of unwanted material on the road.

The first passenger compartment filter was introduced in 1987 by SAAB as an optional extra and more than 30 years later it is now standard on all cars on the market. This is because in addition to increased comfort it has obvious health benefits for the driver and all passengers.

The passenger compartment filter is usually located in the engine compartment, inside the glove box or under the front passenger footrest. It can usually be accessed by opening the door that protects it to check its condition and replace thepassenger compartment filter if necessary. Over time it tends to accumulate dirt in the air and can become clogged and not work properly.

There are different types of cabin filters in the trade, some are purely made of a particular fabric while others are made of activated carbons. There are also disposable cabin filters and others that can be washed to return to the initial conditions.

When is it necessary to change the cabin filter?

The replacement of the passenger compartment filter is one of the activities that are carried out during certain coupons according to the manufacturer's instructions, often indicated in the use and maintenance manual. Replacement of the passenger compartment filter is usually performed every year or every 12-15,000 kilometres travelled.

It may also be necessary to change the cabin air filter before or after these intervals, depending on how you use the car. A car that is used very often, as in the case of a taxi driver, may need to be replaced more than once a year. In contrast, a used car can rarely keep the same passenger compartment filter for several years.

If you're not sure when to change the passenger compartment filter, a tip may come from the car itself. If you notice excessive condensation onthe windows or if the car's ventilation is very weak, it may be time to change the passenger compartment filter.

How much does it cost to change the passenger compartment filter?

Replacing the cabin filter is one of the most economical car maintenance activities. The cost of changing the cabin air filter is usually no more than 35 euros, including the mechanic's labour and the new cabin air filter.

If you are a particularly allergic person, you could also consider buying a specific cabin filter as long as it is present for your car model. It may seem superfluous, but it makes a big difference to your driving pleasure.

Why is the cabin air filter important for your health?

The cabin air filter is the only barrier between the occupants of the car and the dust and dirt on the road surface. Because of its function to purify the air breathed by all occupants of the car, the passenger compartment filter is obviously important.

A good quality passenger compartment filter can prevent allergic reactions to pollen, dust and smog which, given the hours spent in the car, can damage the respiratory health of passengers.

Is it worth using a charcoal filter?

The activated carbon filter allows for greater purification of the air entering the vehicle and costs only a few euros more than a normal pollen filter. Our advice is to order this type of filter as soon as you have your first cabin air filter replacement at the factory.

With just a few euros you can improve the air quality inside the vehicle. A real must to make the journey even more pleasant.

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