Configure your tinted glass kit

Configure your tinted glass kit

Our strengths

Variance Auto's tinted window kits are made with professional quality sunscreen films, renowned for their effectiveness. The installation of blackout films greatly improves the comfort of the driver and passengers for a trouble-free car journey.

Protect yourself from heat and UV rays

Protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays with solar car films. By rejecting up to 66% of the sun's energy, you can maintain a pleasant temperature in your car, even in hot weather. This reduces the feeling of suffocation when entering a vehicle that has been in the sun for several hours. This reduces the need for air conditioning and therefore your fuel consumption - good news for your wallet. In addition to heat protection, the car sun film rejects 99% of UV rays. This helps prevent premature aging and some skin diseases caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays. This UV barrier significantly limits discolouration of your car's interior, so it retains the brilliance of its original colours.

Preserve your privacy

Keep your passengers out of sight with tinted glass kit. The colored film, which lets little light through (depending on the tint chosen), makes the passenger compartment truly invisible from the outside. The game of light balances allows you to see outside without being seen. A large field of vision is thus maintained for safe driving. The installation of tinted windows is ideal for hiding your personal and professional belongings and thus reducing the risk of car theft (which consists of breaking a car window to steal what is inside). Professionals, you can transport your equipment and goods without fear.

Strengthen your glasses

Installing a tinted glass kit on your windows improves the safety of your car. The film effectively solidifies the glass and thus delays break-ins. The reinforced glass protects you longer from external aggressions. For example, it takes longer for an intruder to break a window with security film. Even if the glass is broken, the film retains the glass pieces so that in the event of a break-in or accident, no one in the car is injured by the flying glass.

Configure your kit

Configure your tinted glass kit
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Configure your tinted glass kit
Configure your tinted glass kit
Configure your tinted glass kit
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