Emov exceeds 100,000 registered users in Madrid

The Citroën C-Zero, with 500 units in the fleet, have driven no more and no less than 1,800,000 kilometres around the city of Madrid, some 3,600 per car. As it is a 100% electric car, 175 tonnes of CO2 are no longer emitted into the atmosphere, not to mention polluting gases such as nitrogen oxides and particulates. The fact that some cars have made 26 trips in a single day, that a user has made 82 kilometres in a single trip or that there are users who have used emov 200 times in the last few months, are indicators that the service works and is well liked. It should be borne in mind that they cannot be left parked outside the perimeter of the M-30, but they can be used.

In the words of Fernando Izquierdo, CEO of emov, "this rapid growth, which is unprecedented among carsharing companies in the world, has made it possible for emov to increase the fleet of electric vehicles in the medium term and increase the operational area of the service to enable more citizens of Madrid to use a sustainable, innovative and intelligent mobility alternative".

The average user is the so-called millennial, between 18 and 35 years old.

Emov exceeds 100,000 registered users in Madrid

The generation born with the development of the Internet (between 1981 and 1995 according to the brand) are the majority users (47%) of this type of mobility. Users over 55 years old use it much less (9%) while, if we talk about sexes, men take the lead with 60% of the share compared to 40% of women. We can see in the images -provided by both companies- the type of audience they are targeting.

The future of the automotive industry will be to develop more solutions of this type that will allow them to become the best mobility option. People will increasingly tend to own significantly fewer cars and look for simpler transport solutions that allow them to move from point A to point B at a reduced cost and with the maximum possible comfort.

Unlike Car2Go, which will soon go up to 21 cents a minute, emov will continue to maintain the 19 cent rate.

The company's CEO has also stated that, in the short term, prices will remain the same. Car2Go, the rival company of emov and owned by Daimler AG, has also given much to talk about in the last hours since, prices will increase by two cents and round up from next April 10. In other words, if you have used 60 minutes and 2 seconds, you will be charged for 61 minutes.

Car2Go is currently leading the electric car rental market in Madrid in just a year and a half of life, with 150,000 registered users. The company maintains that, in the last twelve months, has doubled the number of users and is "optimistic" with its future growth. As reported by the company in a statement, the number of weekly rentals has risen by 60% in the same period.

"Madrid is the fastest growing Car2Go city in Europe," said Thomas Beerman, CEO of Car2Go Europe. A total of 12.4 million kilometres have been driven with the 500 electric Smart cars swarming around Madrid since November 2015. However, the demand is growing but not uniform. To increase each operator's fleet of 500 cars, 15 journeys per car per day must be exceeded, which is not yet the case although, over time, more vehicles will be added to the fleet.

For the moment, emov has announced that it is extending the promotion that ended on 31 March until 30 April. In this way, the price that the user will have to pay to register will remain at 5 euros and will be given 30 minutes for free. The code with which users can benefit from this campaign is viveemov23, visible on the web and in the app. In case of not making use of this coupon, the cost of registration is 9 euros plus travel time (0.19 euros per minute).

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