How much do you spend in Tesla of energy? €81/month, says EEVEE

How much do you spend in Tesla of energy? €81/month, says EEVEE
For his Spanish tour, Lorenzo Mosna will use his own Tesla Model 3 SH

How much do you spend in Tesla of energy per month? On average 81 euros, according to data collected by EEVEE Mobility on a sample of 1.884 owners throughout Europe. Let's see if those who follow us and drive Model 3 recognize themselves in these numbers.

How much you spend on Tesla, how many km you travel, where you top up

EEVEE is a start-up born two years ago to make electricity quotes easier and more transparent in terms of costs. The best known product is the app EEVEE Driver, allowing track charging sessions, spending and so on. And it is thanks to 1.884 users of this app, who at the same time are also owners of Teslas (usually Model 3), that this average calculation was made. By settling in €0.21 the cost per kW, including home refills. A low value for us, given the price of energy in Spain, but here we are talking about the European average. Another figure is the average distance: 1.652km/month, equal to slightly less than 20 thousand km per year. We arrive precisely at 81 euros. EEVEE compares how much the same monthly mileage would cost on a petrol car. Starting from a price per liter of 1.40€ and from an average consumption of 5,1 liters/100km (underestimated, in our opinion) we get to €118 per month. With savings of 37€ for those who drive Tesla.

Steffen Brans, founder of EEVEE

"Those who know how much they save in real use choose electric"

Steffen Brans, founder of EEVEE (here the site), he explains: “We think that transparency in the real costs of recharging is essential for the spread of electric cars. This data begins to paint a picture of how EV owners behave in the real world. And they shine a light on the real benefits of electric: the much lower operating costs“. Among the data collected is the place where the top-ups take place: for 75% home, for the 14% at work and only for11% in public columns. The EEVEE app was developed especially for corporate fleets, to track the life of the cars and facilitate the reimbursement of energy costs. In addition to the Tesla, the app is compatible with electric cars from BMW and Mercedes and it will be interesting to have reports on these brands as well. The app connects to the car via a virtual key, an API token, access to which can be revoked at any time.

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