Tiler is a Lego car cracker.

The first of them, the one that crowns these lines, is a typical yankee hot-rod, made in a reduced scale, but at the same time with great effect, despite the small amount of parts used for it.

Beyond the Hot Rod, another work that has impacted us is the white Nissan 240Z with bulletins also created in a reduced scale, but with careful detail, smooth shapes and the nice ducktail spoiler so applied in the JDM world to the Japanese coupe.

Another of his specialties is the creation of small vehicles inspired by the theme of the movie Mad Max, where he gives free rein to his post-apocalyptic automotive creativity, mixing hot-rods and all kinds of modified vehicles that create a visual amalgam that, worked with a few filters on the images, give us the view.

You can see more photos and more works of the genius Tiler in his Flickr account by clicking here.

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