Radio visit to the State Motor Pool Museum

Curiously, yesterday, returning from one of those endless days in Madrid, I came across the program Esto me Suena on RNE, where they dedicated a few minutes to an exhibition "at street level" of the collection of the Parque Móvil del Estado, where they keep some automotive jewels that have been collected after having served as transport for kings, princes, presidents and heads of state in Spain.

So if you are up for it, you can see it in Cea Bermudez street, in Madrid, at number five. An exhibition that commemorates the 80th anniversary of the existence of this public entity, which will last until September 30 and was discussed yesterday, as I say, in the radio program. So if you have nothing better to do and you feel like listening to a bit of curiosities about the pieces that make up the exhibition, you can use the player below and go to minute ten of the program, which is where the report starts.

Audio Video Radio visit to the State Motor Pool Museum
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