Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace, a 7-seater with German flavour

As Volkswagen announces, this increase of 21 extra centimeters is preceded by an increase in its wheelbase of 11 extra centimeters. Taking into account these data, not only should we notice that the company offers, as they themselves argue, a more spacious or usable vehicle, but it is especially striking that, thanks to the use of the versatile MQB platform, we are facing a vehicle that, at least in terms of dimensions, is as long as a Skoda Kodiaq.

One of the main innovations offered by a vehicle like this is found in its cabin, specifically in the possibility, optionally, to include a third row of seats. Thanks precisely to offer this optional third row of seats, any power customer can decide if you want a vehicle like the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace for its seven seats, for the greater load capacity or a mixture of both. A fact to take into account and that is inherited from his younger brother is that the rear seats will be folded in a format of 40:20:40 while maintaining the option of being able to advance or delay the bench in a width of 17 centimeters.

If, as a customer, you are one of those people to whom a model of these characteristics, rather than for its possibilities and capacity in terms of occupants, what really interests you is its extra load capacity, tell you that we are talking about nothing less than 730 liters in five-seater configuration, which is an increase of 115 liters, if we add to this the possibility of folding the rear row of seats, the capacity increases significantly to 1,770 liters.

Aesthetically the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace in little or nothing will differ from his brother short except for certain aesthetic solutions present in the hood, grille or side line and its integration with the tailgate. Apart from these discreet changes, we can say that the model will be practically the same as the version we already know, even keeping the Trendline, Comfortline and Highline finishes.

Where perhaps if the new Tiguan Allspace stands out from its competition is in its technological endowment where we find the model will be equipped with the Connected Community system that relies on the Guide & Inform and Security & Service services to keep the driver informed about any kind of need that may arise at the wheel or even locate the car remotely. For its part, the Automated Driving combines in the same package the virtues of adaptive cruise control systems, Lane Assist and Front Assist with automatic emergency braking and stop/start assistance in traffic jams.

Mechanically this new version will reach the market associated with three TSI petrol engines, specifically the versions we already know of 150, 180 and 220 horsepower while, in the diesel section, Volkswagen again rely on versions of 150, 190 and 240 horsepower. These engines, depending on the version, may be associated with a manual or automatic dual-clutch DSG and two- or four-wheel drive.

NOTE: The images correspond to the version for the North American market, there may be some differences in the European model.

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