The new concept Camper will be electric

    The new concept Camper will be electric

    In a climate of cost-cutting and range variety, it seems unlikely that Volkswagen is going to come up with such a product, but it seems that things are moving. During the New York Motor Show a company official told us that there will be a new concept that will evolve on the idea of a Camper T1 remastered in a modern key "with a very advanced A-pillar", something that "only allows the use of a technical base of electric motorization". He added that this new concept will use batteries tucked into the vehicle platform.

    The question is, will it go beyond prototyping this time? It will depend on the public's response to the idea of a compact MPV with this styling and this type of powertrain. It is clear that the "flower power" spirit fits well with that of electric mobility...

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