You can now build your own Caterham by financing it in a special way.

If you're one of those dying to own one, now's your chance. Because Caterham Cars is now offering a financing plan for customers interested in financing a Seven in kit form (self-assembly). This is another of the great British and Caterham traditions: build your car with your own hands.

You will be able to finance a Seven 160 for more than 48 months paying a down payment of about 4,000 euros. Then the monthly instalments will be around 400 euros, which is equivalent to about 90 euros a week. The final payment is around 9,000 euros.

In addition the models Seven 270, 360, and 420 are also in the possibility of financing with the mode of self-assembly. This is about 4,000 euros cheaper than if you buy the vehicle completely assembled.

Of course, you have to have some knowledge to do this, as it's not like assembling a Lego. But if so, the brand assures that you can have it finished in around 80 or 100 hours of work. A time in which you will surely enjoy. Once finished you will have to pass a series of tests for approval.

The brand on the other hand, ensures that this service is available because more and more customers want to assemble their own cars. This is understandable, as apart from saving money, you also get the satisfaction of building something with your own hands.

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