Vignette Slovenia 2020: cost, duration and where to buy

Vignette Slovenia 2020: cost, duration and where to buy

What is the Slovenia cartoon?

The Slovenian vignette is the toll payment system on the Slovenian network. In practice, you pay to be able to travel on the motorway network for a certain period of time rather than for a certain route. The Slovenian 2020 vignette is available in different durations allowing unlimited travel on the network.

This type of toll is therefore very beneficial for those who drive a lot at the expense of those who only use the motorway for a single journey.

Who has to pay for the Slovenian vignette?

All mixed transport vehicles with a mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes are subject to payment of the Slovenian sticker.

In the case of commercial or cargo vehicles there are other types of fees.

What is the cost of the Slovenia 2020 vignette?

The cost of the Slovenia 2020 vignette varies depending on the type of vehicle used, car or motorcycle, and the length of stay. So let's see how much the Slovenia 2020 vignette costs:

For cars, the Slovenia 2020 vignette Slovenia 2020 costs €15 for the weekly vignette, €30 for the monthly vignette and €110 for the annual vignette.

For motorcycles or two-wheelers, the Slovenia 2020 vignette costs 7.50 euros for the weekly vignette, 30 euros for the six-monthly vignette and 55 euros for the annual vignette.

How long does the Slovenia vignette last?

Unlike the Switzerland 2020 vignette, the Slovenia 2020 vignette is available in different formats and durations. In fact, there are 4 different Slovenia vignettes available depending on the driver's needs.

In order of duration, the first Slovenia 2020 vignette is the weekly vignette which lasts for seven consecutive days from the day of purchase. Then there is the monthly Slovenia vignette, which lasts for one month from the day of purchase. If the day of purchase is not present in the following month, the Slovenian monthly vignette expires on the last day of the month. This vignette is only available for cars, not motorcycles.

Then there is the half-yearly Slovenian vignette, which is only available for motorcycles. This vignette lasts for 6 months from the day of purchase. If the day of purchase is not present in the sixth month, the Slovenian half-yearly vignette expires on the last day of the sixth month.

The last and longest Slovenian vignette is the annual vignette which lasts from December 1st to January 31st of the following year.

Where can I buy the Slovenian vignette?

The Slovenia 2020 vignette can be purchased at various points of sale. These are usually the benzene distributors on Slovenian territory and in the border areas of neighbouring countries: Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary.

You can also buy the Slovenian vignette at border crossings or in sections of car clubs and some kiosks, usually near the border.

How much is the fine for driving without a Slovenian sticker?

Driving on Slovenian motorways without a Slovenian sticker carries a fine of between 300 and 800 euros.

In cases of repeated offences, you may also be notified and banned from driving.

Is there an electronic control of the vignette in Slovenia?

We are not aware of any electronic control of the display of the Slovenia 2020 sticker. However, checkpoints are not rare and can also be inspected during stops at petrol stations and car parks.

We would like to remind you that Slovenia vignette checks start from the first point of sale on Slovenian territory. Therefore, there is no excuse that can be found without a valid vignette.

How to buy the Slovenian vignette online?

As of July 2020 there is still no channel for selling Slovenia vignettes online. The most convenient option is always to stop at the first petrol station on the Slovenian territory and make the purchase on the spot.

We advise you to be wary of anyone trying to sell it online and sites that are not easy to find.

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