Geely aims to sell a compact SUV in Spain in 2018

    Geely aims to sell a compact SUV in Spain in 2018

    Now we know that the company is developing a compact SUV on the new compact modular platform (CMA) co-developed with Volvo, and that will lead to the next-generation V40.

    This small SUV will debut in China in 2017, and will arrive on our continent in 2018. It will not be available for purchase in Germany or France, given the resistance of those markets for the imported product, but Spain and the rest of the countries of the Union except the two mentioned, yes they will have distribution of this new vehicle, which will arrive with "plug-in hybrid" configuration, in addition to as a conventional gasoline model.

    Geely has not clarified its commercial strategy, although it has said that they intend to have their own dealerships in Europe. We do not know if the Volvo network will have access to market and maintain these products where there is no official Geely dealer.

    The company's ambition is not to be "another cheap Chinese brand", but to try to offer "technology at the best price". Is the market ready, once and for all, to consume Chinese cars? MG has been trying for years, but has not yet jumped into our market.

    This compact SUV could well have something to do with the Cross PHEV shown in Beijing last year as a concept car, and that is on these lines.

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