BMW is deciding on the shape of its new i5

Apparently a member of BMW's board of directors in sales and marketing, Ian Robertson, has told Autocar that these are on the way and that the German manufacturer is deciding on the type of its third "i" model.

Rumors suggest that it will be the i5 (still unconfirmed), the third model. Which, could be a sedan rival of the Tesla Model 3 or a stretched i3 with a larger body and more space inside Mini MPV type.

In fact BMW will commemorate its 100th anniversary next year, a very important date for the Bavarian firm. That's why Ian Robertson hinted that the manufacturer will celebrate it by looking to the past, but especially in the future. Something that lets us see a lot in his words.

We still have no information on whether this vehicle will be a plug-in hybrid or an all-electric model.

We will see what they present us next year to celebrate its 100 years of history. Will it be the i5? What will be its mechanics? As usual we will have to wait for the movements of the Munich-based brand.

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