The facelifted Fiat 500 already has prices

    At the time we had predicted a price of access to the range by 11.350€, and the truth is that we have not been very misguided. The range now starts at 11.750€ for the Pop finish with the 1.2 69 hp petrol engine, including air conditioning, power steering, all possible airbags (including knee), electric windows, stability control, and something else.

    But if you want to opt for the "big news" of the car, mainly its UConnect system with color screen, you'll have to go to the Lounge finish (13,750 €) and pay the extra, which is 400 €, and really worth it in a city car, for what you gain in infotainment.

    The Lounge trim implies a €2,000 price premium over the Pop, but adds a multifunction steering wheel, automatic climate control, UConnect system (I told you that the color touch screen is paid separately), alloy wheels and something else. Opting for the TwinAir 105 hp engine brings the price up to 16,600€.

    Then there is a discount program from Fiat that is, truth be told, complicated to explain step by step. For starters, there is an "ECO Bonus" if you deliver a used car, whatever brand and age it is, which allows you to reduce the price by about 800 €. That discount goes to 1.000€ if the car delivered is a car of the FCA Group, and grows to 1.750€ if you deliver a car for the PIVE. If, in addition to delivering a car for the PIVE you finance part of the purchase, the total discount goes up to €3,150.

    In this way, buying the most basic model and taking all possible discounts (financing plus PIVE), the 69 hp 500 with Pop finish remains at €8,600.

    The facelifted Fiat 500 already has prices

    The 95 hp diesel variant will still take months to arrive, and has no price for the moment. It also remains to be seen whether it will end up expanding the range of finishes.

    The facelifted Fiat 500 already has prices

    On the other hand, there are 13 colors available, to which you can add a special vinyl finish with six possible designs, so you can combine "everything with almost everything".

    The 500C convertible represents a price increase of 2,800 euros over the closed variant. And if you have to ask my advice on which one to buy, I'll tell you that the 105 hp TwinAir engine gives much better results and fits better with the spirit of the 500 than the 1.2 engine. Otherwise, apart from recommending you "100%" to order the car with the UConnect system, everything is up to your taste, economic capacity and personal desires.

    Note: Prices have been corrected. I had originally taken the price list from the Canary Islands.

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