ALASKAN Concept, a preview of Renault's global pick-up truck

The firm of the diamond itself is responsible for asserting in the press release that the production model will have dimensions nailed to those of the prototype and very similar aesthetic characteristics.

What we see the prototype is a pick-up very similar in many ways to the Navara, but with the new brand image of Renault, clearly related to the latest releases. Prototype licenses are full-LED headlights or 21-inch wheels that will stay on the road, as we do not see them logical for a product of this orientation.

The prototype uses a twin-turbo four-cylinder diesel engine placed in an obviously longitudinal position (it's a pick-up with a chassis of stringers and crossbars, with bodywork added on top of it, and all-wheel drive), and Renault claims it has "the best fuel efficiency on the market". We'll see if that mechanics reaches the production model, or stays only with the mechanical offerings of the Navara NP300.

The Japanese model, manufactured in Barcelona (and in other countries), equips a 2.3 diesel with versions of 160 and 190 horsepower maximum power, with variants of rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive connectable.

There are no photos of the cabin of the Renault model, but we doubt that there are significant changes compared to the Navara.

The Alaskan will share production line in Barcelona with the Navara NP300, something we already knew since last April, ensuring jobs at the plant. By the way, this Alaskan and the NP300 will still share their genetics with one more sister, the Mercedes-Benz, in a year and a bit.

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