We will never see the family Alfa Romeo Giulia

    SW bodies are more popular in certain European markets - where in the D-segment there is more demand even for sedans and three-body sedans - but not so much in the United States, where SUVs are the big hit. Therefore, it would be a low-volume model that would be difficult to make profitable. Alfredo Altavilla, FCA's head of EMEA, told Automotive News that the Stelvio's tuning will win over those who were looking for a conventional estate.

    The truth is that Alfa Romeo is very dependent on the US market - it's still the second largest in the world after China - so you have to cater to its wishes if you're looking to make money. Alfa Romeo, as of today, can't afford to stumble. It's a shame, because where there's a good family car, there's no SUV. We'll have to give the Stelvio a vote of confidence, because the mould from which the bread comes out looks great.

    We will never see the family Alfa Romeo Giulia

    Anyway, no one should be surprised, in fact, in Pistonudos we knew it long ago. I quote Guille Alfonsín: "On the other hand, and changing the subject, chatting with internal sources of the company, we have been assured that there will be no estate body for the new generation Giulia. The drop in demand for this type of body in the United States seems to be the main reason for this decision. The shift of interest towards D-segment SUVs would justify this path, offering the SUV for those who want more space".

    We'll have to settle for recreations like Theopilus Chin's, as good as usual.

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