New Peugeot 3008 GT and GT Line

The 3008 GT is quickly distinguished by the specific wheel arches and 235/50 R19 tyres as standard, with two-tone Boston diamond rims. This and the engine is the only thing that changes dynamically, and Peugeot does not detail changes in suspension, chassis or brakes. Therefore, to make curves do not expect big differences, although most likely its clientele is not looking for that kind of sensations. Obviously we are talking about a front-wheel drive.

Peugeot's vision of a GT is not that of a GTI, in this case we are talking about a car that has a number of details other than horsepower, the size of the brake discs or how many G's it is able to withstand in a support. For example, the 3008 GT has optional "Coupé Franche" paint, which combines the body color with three tones, Platinum Grey, Amazonite Grey and Metallic Cooper. It's the closest thing to having a three-door 3008 GT, something that marketing-wise doesn't make much sense.

New Peugeot 3008 GT and GT Line

But let's take a closer look. The Peugeot 3008 GT has an exclusive grille, Full-LED headlights, sequential turn signals, chrome mirrors that project the Peugeot logo on the ground, two-tone paint (black roof), windows surrounded by stainless steel, specific logos and dual chrome exhaust outlet.

Inside, the interior features wraparound seats in TEP/Alcantara or Nappa Mistral leather (optional). We will find the GT logo on the steering wheel, in a chrome steel insert, and a fully digital instrument panel of the i-Cockpit specific to this version. The driving position is, in the words of the manufacturer, a very different driving experience to that offered by the 3008's rivals.

The 3008 GT attacks the senses with intense lighting, a fragrance diffuser and a massage system in the front seats.

From top to bottom, we look at the roof and window pillars, upholstered in black. In many places we will see a contrast stitching in copper color: dashboard, floor mats, armrests, steering wheel and door panels. It has a touch of distinction, the use of aged oak (Grey Oak) for details of the dashboard and door panels. Underneath it all we find pedals, footrests and door sills in stainless steel.

New Peugeot 3008 GT and GT Line

The other engines opt for the GT Line version.

As not everyone needs an engine of 180 hp to have an apparent car, Peugeot offers the GT Line versions, which mechanically do not differ from the generalists. They are based on the Allure trim level and take some details from the GT, such as steel window frames, full-LED headlights, black roof, optional paint "Coupé Franche" or chrome exhaust tailpipes. They feature specific front bumper, 18″ two-tone diamond matte wheels and rear-view mirrors in Pearl Pearl Black.

So much for the exterior. Inside, like the GT, but it has neither the aged oak inserts, nor Alcantara seats, nor certain moldings and inserts. The price difference is not known at the moment.

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