Volkswagen starts rectifying 1.6 TDI CR (EA189) engines in Europe

While the 1.2 TDI CR and 2.0 TDI CR engines only needed a reprogramming of the control unit, the 1.6 TDI CR also needs a filter that is placed in the intake. This filter corrects the flow so that the air mass sensor works more precisely. The operation takes about an hour, and owners will be provided with a free replacement vehicle if needed. Obviously the whole process will be free of charge, regardless of warranty.

In total, 2.6 million Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Skoda cars with 1.6 TDI CR engines will be serviced.

Taking the cars to the workshop is strictly voluntary for the owners of these cars, it is compulsory for the manufacturer to call them in for servicing. Several lawyers recommend keeping all the documentation sent by the brand in relation to this matter. By going to the workshop the pollutant levels of these cars should decrease, and in theory there are no side effects. Only the 1.6 TDI of the EA189 family are being recalled, the more modern ones (EA288) do not have this problem and are among the cleanest on the market.

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