FILE PHOTO: Tesla showroom in Beijing

Tesla Inc. resumed taking orders for its long-range version of the Model 3 in the United States, the company's website showed late Tuesday evening, after a temporary halt last year due to backlogs of deliveries.

The long-range version of the entry-level Model 3 is currently priced at $47.240, about 18,5 percent less than $57.990 last August, when Tesla stopped orders in the U.S. and Canada.

"Waiting list is too long. We will enable it again when we ramp up production," Chief Executive Elon Musk tweeted at the time, in response to a user's request about stopping orders.

Tesla plans to resume deliveries of the Model 3 long-range electric sedan in June, according to the website. However, the website showed that it is still not accepting orders in Canada.

The long-range version of the entry-level Model 3 has a range of more than 325 miles (523 kilometers) on a single charge.

To boost sales, Tesla has been adjusting the prices of its vehicles regularly since the beginning of this year. After cutting prices earlier, the company raised them slightly in Canada, China, Japan and the United States on Tuesday.

Musk said Tesla is willing to sacrifice margin for sales volume in the face of a weak economy, but is also looking to raise prices where it can to match deliveries with production.

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