The Fiat Tipo 5-door is here

The range is structured with two trim levels, two petrol engines (one LPG compatible) and two diesel engines, ranging from 95 to 120 hp. In the case of the 120 hp diesel you can opt for an automatic gearbox, the others use six-speed manual, except the 95 hp diesel that has five. As for the prices, they are quite aggressive, but you have to read the small print.

We have the promoted price, which already includes the discount, and three other possible discounts. If a used car is delivered (with a minimum of three months of ownership), the price drops between 700 and 900 euros. By taking advantage of the PIVE Plan, the customer will pay 1,750 euros less than the promoted price. If, in addition, you decide to finance the purchase with FGA Capital, are 3,150 euros off. Yes, financing is obligatory, but it is equivalent to an interest rebate that is very important to take into account when making a deferred payment.

For clarity, we publish the prices with promotion, which are the most comparable to the competition:

  • Tipo 5p 1.4 16v Easy 95 hp - 14,050 euros.
  • Tipo 5p 1.4 16v Easy 120 hp / LPG - 16.850 euros
  • Tipo 5p 1.3 16v Easy 95 hp MultiJet - 16,150 euros
  • Tipo 5p 1.6 16v Easy 120 hp MultiJet - 17.800 euros
  • Tipo 5p 1.4 16v Lounge 95 hp - 15.050 Euros
  • Tipo 5p 1.4 16v Lounge 120 hp / LPG - 17.850 Euros
  • Tipo 5p 1.3 16v Lounge 95 HP MultiJet - 17.150 euros
  • Tipo 5p 1.6 16v Lounge 120 PS MultiJet - 18.800 Euros

The Fiat Tipo 5-door is here

The diesels are very difficult to justify. At the lower power level, it's €2,100 more, and the timeless 1.4 Fire 16v wastes very little more than the very tight 1,248cc diesel (1.3 MultiJet). Throw in long-term maintenance bills, the odd breakdown, and the diesel has pretty much lost all meaning. Besides, the petrol is more pleasant to drive unless you're allergic to the leather on the gear lever.

As for the 120 bhp 1.4 T-Jet, as it comes with LPG as standard (there are no 100% petrol versions), the 120 bhp diesel loses almost all meaning. From the first kilometre it is cheaper to use petrol if you use LPG, with the added advantage that it will have fewer mobility problems in the near future as it is classified as an ECO model according to the DGT. Those who are fed up with petrol cars have one of the best offers on the market in the LPG Tipo.

Of the compact LPG cars, it is the most economical and powerful at the same time.

In terms of equipment, it's easy, simple and for the whole family. For starters, all Tipo models have six airbags, stability control, hill start assist and tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). The Easy features four electric windows, heated and electric mirrors, 16″ wheels, LED daytime running lights, exterior chrome, leather on steering wheel and gear knob, instrumentation with 3.5″ TFT screen, stereo with 5″ screen, voice control, Bluetooth, steering wheel controls, USB and auxiliary sockets, etc. The most equipped, Lounge, adds the 17″ wheels, front fog lights, automatic climate control, cruise control, front armrest, Uconnect 7″ HD LIVE system with touch screen and capacitive, etc..

Having got this far, where's the catch? There's bound to be something wrong with it, but in our test drive of the Tipo sedan, nothing lumpy showed up. If it's a reliable car in the long run, it will be as irresistible as a handkerchief soaked in chloroform. When in doubt, the four-year warranty comes as standard, regardless of whether you finance or pay for it all at once.

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