SEAT Ateca Cupra, aspiring to compete in the top SUV division

And that's it. No generalist has such powerful engines, moreover, above 200 hp in this segment there is nothing unless we value premium brands. The Infiniti Q30, BMW X1, Audi Q3, Mercedes GLA and Range Rover Evoque have more to choose from. It's quite a small segment, so what can SEAT do there?

AutoExpress says that SEAT is preparing an Ateca Cupra Concept, around 300 hp and with all-wheel drive, to see how the public accepts - or not - such a powerful car in that segment, but with a much more reasonable price. It will probably be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. After all, SEAT is a brand with a more emotional/sporty character, and the Ateca Cupra wouldn't be out of place. It is information with a sufficient level of veracity, although this has not been confirmed by the brand through the usual channels.

The MQB platform is more than proven with that power, both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, and with good results. The Ateca is heavier, but not much heavier. A few suspension tweaks here and there, DCC variable dampers, electronic control, and a mid-size SUV of that power becomes controllable. If ever released, it would be the most expensive car from the German-Spanish brand. Does that benefit our industry? Little or nothing, that car is manufactured by Skoda, but it would have the signature of engineers from the Spanish technical center.

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