Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA

No one is unaware that the proportions of the EQA are similar to those of the compact A-Class, which leads me to wonder if the future production model could share at least part of the body with the next generation "combustion" of the German compact. Regarding its architecture, and although Mercedes has not provided much data, we could assume that it will be similar to that of the Generation EQ Concept presented last year.

At the technical level, Mercedes announces an engine for each axle, adding a total power of 272 hp and more than 500 Nm, which would allow it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5 seconds.

The battery - as is becoming usual - is located on the floor, announcing a range of 400 km. Mercedes says that with just 10 minutes of recharging (at a fast-charging station), we could go another 100 km. No calculator is needed to know that on a long trip we will have to stop at least 10 minutes every 100 km, or 20 every 200... On the other hand, and for convenience, the car could be recharged by induction, without the need for a plug. Little by little, the electric cars are starting to announce reasonable autonomies due to the optimization of the batteries and the platforms to house them.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA

As is becoming usual in electric concept cars, Mercedes has opted for a clean design, with smooth and relatively unaggressive shapes -which I welcome-, although Mercedes maintains more or less classic proportions and a front with a "virtual" grille that serves to maintain the brand image, and incidentally, to please our eyes, accustomed for over a century to see the front grills, necessary for cars with combustion engine, but useless in electric vehicles.

Apart from the virtual grille - which lights up differently depending on the chosen driving mode - the Concept EQA dispenses with the current fake grilles and yet its designers have achieved a fortunate and pleasant front design, with interesting graphics, lines that intersect and continue in a harmonious way. Note for example the line of the headlights that has visual continuity in the daytime running lights and the lower lip.

The side view is fluid and essential, light but solid at the same time, with only the essential lines of character. The rear view on the other hand is somewhat more anodyne, but still clean and emphatic, with optical groups of horizontal and simple shapes, but very worked inside.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQA

In short, the Concept EQA is coherent in its approach, prefigures what will undoubtedly be an interesting electric compact -although probably expensive-, and that will have an aesthetic well differentiated from the internal combustion range, with an image consistent with its "green" philosophy and that in these times of increasingly baroque lines is refreshing.

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