The cost of transferring ownership of the car: here's how it's calculated!

The cost of transferring ownership of the car: here's how it's calculated!

What is the transfer of ownership of a car?

The transfer of ownership, also called transfer, is the bureaucratic procedure by which the ownership of the vehicle is registered in the public records from one person (person or company) to another.

Once the transfer of ownership has taken place, the car or motorcycle becomes the private property of the new owner. If you want to know more about the transfer of ownership we recommend you to read our article where we explain step by step how the transfer of ownership is done.

Now let's see how much it costs to transfer ownership of a car.

How much does the transfer of car ownership cost?

The cost of the transfer is divided into fixed costs, related to the office you choose for the procedure, and variable costs, depending on the vehicle and the region of residence.

The change of ownership usually has a cost of a few hundred euros that can reach up to 1000 euros in the case of vehicles of a certain displacement. It is impossible to give a more precise indication as the fee varies from car to car due to the variable cost component.

Cost of ownership transfer: fixed costs

As seen above, the first component of the cost of car ownership is fixed costs. These, as the term suggests, are the same regardless of the type of car you have to pass on.

Let's look at what the fixed costs of transferring ownership are:

  • ICA fee: 27.00 euros
  • DT fees: 10.20 euros
  • Stamp duty forthe registration of PRA: 32.00 in CoP (48.00 if written on the NP3C form)
  • Vignette fee forthe update (and issuing) of the Road Traffic Licence: 16.00 Euro.

When contacting the STA of an ACI office or any car practice consulting agency the final cost of the practice, being on the open market, will obviously increase.

Cost of the transfer of ownership: variable costs

To the fixed costs must be added the Provincial Transfer Tax(Ipt) whose calculation is not really intuitive and depends on the province of residence and the engine power in kilowatts (kW) of our vehicle.

But how is the Provincial Transcription Tax calculated?

Up to 53 kW of power there is a fixed national amount of 150,81 euros. After 53, each subsequent kW must be paid 3.51 euros. However, the €3.51 is subject to a surcharge of up to 30% depending on the province of residence. Below is a summary table of this "simple" calculation.

Let's take a practical example and calculate the IpT of our Alfa Romeo 159, with 191 kW engine and residence in Milan. We will have 150,81 euros of fixed amount that will be added to 138(191 - 53 kW) x 4,56(3,51 x 1,30), in total about 780 euros.

In short, the transfer of ownership will cost you between a minimum of 236 euros and a maximum, depending on the size of your vehicle, the region of residence and the choice of the office where the practice is carried out.

How much does it cost to transfer ownership of a used car?

Many people often ask how much it costs to change the ownership of a used car. The answer is easier than expected. In terms of cost there is no difference and the cost of used car ownership is the same as when you buy a new car.

This can be an aspect that often goes unnoticed, but needs to be taken into account when calculating the cost of buying a used car.

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