Volkswagen outlines the lines of the I.D. CROZZ for Frankfurt

The I.D. CROZZ anticipates a small saga of electric models that will start from a dedicated platform. Based on this, the proportions are more permissive and designers have more freedom. The batteries are in the floor of the car, with an optimized distribution, then fit more kilowatt hours for greater autonomy. The electric motor will probably be on the front axle.

What will characterize the prototype we will see on Monday? A wide bonnet with broad rounded contours, a glossy black roof, four variable seating positions, a very spacious passenger compartment in relation to its length, and so on. Its design is described as "wide and powerful", with minimal front air intakes and typical crossover styling cues. However, it will not drive like a typical crossover, with such a low centre of gravity it will behave very similar to the current Golf. The fundamental doubt is how much it will end up weighing.

This scheme belongs to the previous prototype, with another engine on the rear axle, but that is -in essence- the concept: the absence of conventional mechanical organs clears a lot of space and allows to move away the axles and shorten the overhangs. More room for people and their cargo.

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