Velántur shows us its prototype of a 100% Spanish electric sports car.

Velántur offers us something more than smoke, unlike the case of Izaro Motors. Many probably don't remember, but in July 2010 a website appeared announcing a "new Spanish brand full of innovation, passion for cars and respect for the environment". The car in question, the Izaro GT-E (based on the Factory Five GTM) was never seen, and the businessman ended up disappearing abroad with the money from the subsidies and the unwary.

And what is behind Velantur Cars? It is a company owned equally by Jofemar Electromobility and Retrofactory. The latter company is owned by the second generation of the Hurtado family, connoisseurs for founding Hurtan. They are going to take advantage of the factory in Linares (Jaén), where Santana once worked, with the support of the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia (IDEA).

There are two prototypes that are in the validation phase on Spanish roads, then there is more than just some nice computer renderings, and you can see them in the embedded video. The car will be a retro-looking three-door, 2+2, with a power of around 180 hp and 400 kilometers of autonomy, fully electric. It will be able to be recharged in a conventional way, or with a quick outlet, half an hour for a full charge (normally in that time 80% is filled in).

At the moment it is a prototype, but will be marketed throughout 2017. In last year's press release, it was supposed to be marketed in 2016. That, in my town, sounds like a delay. According to the press release, they've been "18 months working on all development, testing and homologation preparation activities". Let's give them a vote of confidence.

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