Tesla, with the update here is Disney + and "car wash mode"

Tesla, with the update here is Disney + and

Here comes a new OTA update for the models Tesla. This is 2021.24 which brings with it some interesting news especially on the entertainment front. As confirmed by the posts on Reddit of some users who have already had the opportunity to download it, it includes the possibility of watching Disney + and brings the Car Wash Mode and Dashcam Auto-Save functions to their debut.

You wash it without damage

With the 2021.24 update, the Car Wash Mode function also arrives, specially designed to "prepare" the Teslas to face an automatic wash.

By activating this new mode, in fact, the car engages neutral to be able to move on the washing rollers without the handbrake being automatically engaged, closes the windows, folds down the mirrors and disables the parking sensors.

Tesla, with the update here is Disney + and

Record, but only if you want

Another novelty of the latest Tesla update is represented by the Dashcam Auto-Save. This is a particular function that allows you to save the videos recorded by the cameras mounted on the cars. However, this is not always in operation: the driver must decide to activate it and give the car consent to register. In any case, in full compliance with privacy regulations, the videos are not transmitted to Tesla.

In addition to these functions, the 2021.24 update finally adds support for new languages, more information on the battery for the user, mirrors with automatic dimming and wi-fi connection even when driving.

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