The future of the BMW 3 Series GT is unclear.

The future of the BMW 3 Series GT is unclear.

For the next-generation 3 Series, due next year or the year after, an anonymous source has told BMW Blog that there will be no GT or Gran Turismo version. Sales are not justifying that there is so much overlap between models, and there comes a point where there is oversaturation.

In terms of the Spanish market, the BMW 320i sedan starts at 39,200 euros. With the same engine, the Touring costs 1,800 euros more. The Gran Coupé, with the same engine as the sedan, costs 40,700 euros, that is, 3,300 euros more. The Gran Turismo body, technically positioned below it, is another 700 euros above the Gran Coupé, or 4,000 euros above the sedan. In the case of the 150 hp diesel, the GT costs 1,900 euros more than the Touring or 4,900 euros more than the 318d sedan.

The extra litre of boot costs 100 euros, as the sedan has a capacity of 480 litres and the GT 520 litres, also more than the 495 litres of the estate.

Yes, it's hard to justify. The X3 has even more trunk space, 550 liters, but we are talking about more than 45,000 euros with the same engine (yes, automatic).

The BMW 3 Series GT was updated just a few months ago, and was first put on sale in 2013. Therefore, they haven't killed it before the end of its life cycle. If they finally stop selling it, it will have fulfilled its role for a generation.

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