BMW 1 Series Sedan unveiled in China

BMW 1 Series Sedan unveiled in China

It retains most of the styling solutions of the BMW Concept Compact Sedan debuted at last year's Canton (Guangzhou) Motor Show. The press release doesn't specify whether it's front-wheel-drive or propulsion, but it's most likely to be the former. BMW's Chinese joint-venture produces the X1 and 2 Series Active Tourer, both of which are front-wheel drive (UKL platform), so it's highly likely the new sedan will use the same innards.

The three-door and five-door 1 Series sold in the rest of the world are still rear-wheel drive... yet.

The new sedan is instantly recognizable as a BMW, and is prepared for the particularities of the Chinese market, such as road quality or attributes that the indigenous consumer appreciates. If it uses the same engines as the X1 - the most reasonable - then they will be: 118i (136 hp), 120i (192 hp) and 125i (231 hp), with the entry-level engine being a three-cylinder.

BMW Brilliance also produces for the domestic market the 5 Series Long, 3 Series, and 3 Series Long.

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