Nissan prepares a solution for X-Trail Allmode 4x4i vibrations

In the case of the X-Trail, several users have complained of vibrations at over 100 km/h, with the steering wheel turned, when there is an uphill slope. The torque distribution control unit wrongly estimates that there will be a loss of traction and sends torque to the rear axle when it is not necessary. This generates forces that result in annoying vibrations when driving in 4×4/Auto mode. The X-Trail has acceleration gauges (G-forces) for its active chassis control and lane control, an electronic solution, so correcting the problem has gone through there.

From personal experience, it's not a problem that affects all units, at least not the four I've driven.

According to several owners on a forum, Nissan is testing an update on a few units, to assess its feasibility for a general update. Those who have tested it are no longer complaining about those vibrations. It's taken the automaker more than two years to react to a widespread customer complaint. We're waiting for Nissan Spain to confirm the details of the update.

Owners of a front-wheel drive X-Trail, relax, without driveshaft or rear differential is impossible to produce these vibrations. It only affects those who use automatic all-wheel drive. Those who have all-wheel drive but drive in 2WD mode (front-wheel drive) avoid the problem. In front-wheel drive mode the rear wheels only receive power if the front axle slips, while in Auto mode the distribution is constantly monitored.

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