More range for the BMW i3 thanks to a new battery pack

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This lithium-ion battery has the same usable capacity of 22 kWh gross and 18.8 kWh net, but its energy density is higher. Apparently, the actual range will increase from 160 kilometers to 200 kilometers.

This increase will increase the car's range in real-world driving conditions by 25%. In addition, the i3 will also receive a new electronics package with a new software update, to allow for improved cooling of the battery and electric motor. Existing customers will also be eligible for the new battery.

On the other hand, this new energy storage will also be available for the i3 Range Extender, which uses a small two-cylinder gasoline engine to recharge the battery when it runs out of power.

Now we can only wait to find out when this update will be available, what will be the actual increase in range, and the cost of replacing the old battery.

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