Jaguar XE SV Project 8, the last of the V8s

First seen on Friday at Goodwood

This XE wants to get on the racetrack and it has some very interesting credentials. For starters, the 5.0 V8 SuperCharged (S/C) engine is squeezed to 600bhp, so it tops 200mph and hits 60mph in around 3.5 seconds. It's not just about brute force, it's been lightened, its aerodynamics optimized, and the chassis tuned to withstand all that power.

To keep the weight down on the scales, carbon fibre is used for the bonnet and both bumpers, all three pieces with air intakes to keep the kitty comfortable when it gets its nails out. The exhaust is titanium, which also saves a few pounds, and generates an orgasmic, variable sound via an active valve. No XE weighs less. The front seats can be made of magnesium or carbon fiber (sportier) with four-point harness and suppressed rear seats. As for unsprung masses, it wears 20″ forged aluminum wheels housing carbon ceramic brakes and silicon bearings.

Jaguar XE SV Project 8, the last of the V8s

That's not all. Aerodynamically it has more grip to the ground thanks to the front and rear spoiler (both adjustable), faired underbody and rear diffuser. It has a suspension with stiffer springs and variable damping. In the most radical configuration it can reduce its ground clearance by 15 mm, ideal for sanding track times.

It has a specific driving mode for racing, with relaxed aids and specific steering and throttle settings.

To put the power to the ground, which is not exactly little, it resorts to an eight-speed automatic transmission -with cams and Pistolshift lever- and all-wheel drive with variable torque distribution. The power to the rear axle, which will be preponderant, will be controlled by an active oil-cooled differential, something unprecedented in the XE.

On the aesthetic level, you can choose three standard shades of paint and five other SVO, as well as an additional palette of three-layer colors, pearlescent, satin, chrome ... Apparently all carbon parts are painted, it is more discreet. As for the interior, alcantara inserts, carbon fiber and the usual elegance of Jaguar.

In the Spanish market there is nothing like it. It will be very, very difficult to see. And finally, a little bit of porn:

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