Honda Clarity to arrive in the West before 2017

    Honda Clarity to arrive in the West before 2017

    Honda has the most efficient model on the market to its credit, and the U.S. EPA says so. While the Tucson FCEV (or ix35 Fuel Cell) gets the equivalent of 59 miles per gallon, the Mirai gets 66, but the Clarity gets 68 miles per gallon. Transfer that to our measurement system, an equivalent of 3.46 l/100 km. It'll arrive in the US on similar dates, in Japan it's available from spring, 200 units at most for 2016.

    It is also the model with more autonomy, 589 kilometers with a hydrogen load of 141 liters (24 liters in front tank and 117 liters in the rear). In the first press release, when it came out in Japan, they talked about a maximum range of 750 kilometers. The EPA data is much more realistic and is what we should take as a reference. Note, the 3.46 l/100 km are equivalent to gasoline, otherwise, with 141 liters of hydrogen would do more than 4,000 kilometers.

    In other words, it is the most efficient car without a combustion engine in the US, also compared to pure electric cars like the Nissan Leaf or the Tesla Model S. Note that the Honda Clarity is not a featherweight, according to the manufacturer it weighs 1,890 kilos, many SUVs are below that figure. It has, therefore, more merit that efficiency considering that it is not light at all.

    It will be a few years before it makes sense to market it in Spain, given that our public refueling network is virtually nonexistent.

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