Green light for the Volkswagen Golf R400 street car!

It will be the most powerful compact car in the world, with the permission of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Final Edition (473 hp) that the selfish Japanese are keeping for their domestic market. Like the prototype, it will have all-wheel drive, and may exceed the magic number of 100 hp per cylinder! Let's see how they will manage to achieve so much specific power with the reliability that a production car is supposed to have.

Can you imagine the crazy things the German tuning professionals will do with this car as a base? As a minimum tire size I bet for 18 inches, they will have to put some good paelleros as brakes. In addition, it will have a specific aerodynamic package, a little less radical than the prototype.

It is expected for the end of the year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, so whoever can afford 50,000-60,000 euros will be able to take it at the end of the year or early next year. If it is mechanically robust it will have enviable residual values in the medium term. Volkswagen has thrown down the gauntlet, will the premium brands pick it up to cycle their compacts even more?

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