Tesla Model 3 The price drops and "hangs up" the incentives

    Tesla Model 3 The price drops and

    Prices Tesla they go down again: now the Model 3 now it starts at 41.490 euros. A price list that puts it on the same level as many well-equipped C-segment SUVs and which could lead new customers to choose the electric sedan. Also because now he can benefit from the incentives again. The price of the "base" Tesla Model 3, the rear-wheel drive Single Motor (what was once called the Standard Range), thus drops to 38.490 euros, but by scrapping a pre-Euro 5 car, the cost of the Model 3 reaches 36.490 euros , to which we must add the putting on the road.

    Black or white only. However, there are only three configurations that allow access to the government eco-bonus: to get the "discount" of 3 or 5 thousand euros, you need to choose the rear-wheel drive Tesla Model 3 with 18" Aero wheels in the two Pastel Black or White Pearl Micalized In the first case the interiors can be only black, while in the second you can also choose the two-tone Black and White version. versions, the Long Range AWD and Performance, has dropped by a thousand euros: to get them you need 3 and 4 euros respectively.

    A Tesla for 189 euros a month. The reduction in the starting price has led leasing solutions to reach values ​​never seen before for the electric cars of the American brand. Today, in fact, you can have a Tesla Model 3 for only 189 euros a month, but on condition that you pay a substantial advance of 16.991 euros (the maximum set by the manufacturer), that you do not travel more than 10 kilometers a year and that you bound for five years. The House, on the other hand, offers a more balanced plan as a monthly installment of 305 euros per month with a binding contract for 60 months with an advance of 10.800 euros and an annual mileage of 10 km. By increasing the distance included, the monthly cost does not increase in an unthinkable way: with 20 kilometers it rises to 334 euros, with 30 to 362 euros and with 40 (for a total of 200 kilometers in 5 years) to 391 euros. By lowering the advance, prices go up: the minimum to be paid immediately is 3.948 euros and the minimum installment (10 kilometers and 5 years) is 433 euros per month.

    Tesla Model 3 The price drops and
    Tesla Model 3 (2021)

    Dimensions and interiors. The Tesla Model 3, in all its versions, has identical dimensions: 4 meters and 69 centimeters in length, 185 centimeters in width and 144 centimeters in height with a wheelbase of 288 centimeters. Up to five people can find space in its passenger compartment, in a simple, minimalist but impactful passenger compartment. In fact, at the center of the dashboard there is a large 15" touchscreen which is used both as infotainment and as an instrument panel: in fact, in front of the driver, there is only the steering wheel, without any indicators. As for the space for suitcases and objects there are two different compartments: a rear trunk of 425 liters and a front "frunk" where you can place the charging cables and some bags, or a trolley.

    Autonomy and performance. The rear-wheel drive Tesla Model 3 has a declared Wltp range of 491 kilometers: acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes 6,1 seconds, while the top speed is 225 km/h. High performance, which is further improved in the twin-engine versions. The Model 3 Long Range (52.990 euros) promises a range of 602 km, a 0-100 km/h in 4,4 seconds and a top speed of 233 km/h. For those looking for higher performance, however, there is the Tesla Model 3 Performance (59.900 euros), with two engines, one 0-100 km/h in 3,3 seconds, a top speed of 261 kilometers and a declared range of 547 kilometres.

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