Indianapolis 500 beats the Monaco GP in terms of viewership

The Asturian driver's presence in the North American event was followed by almost half a million viewers, 445,000 to be exact, with a 3.6% share, according to data published by La Nueva España. This means that the number of people who watched the Indianapolis 500 Mile race doubled the number of people who watched the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix, whose share was 2% with 212,000 viewers. Movistar does not offer numerical data due to its confidentiality policy, so we have not been able to verify these figures.

Both broadcasts did not overlap, since when the American race started (18:00 in Spain) the Monaco GP had already finished.

The broadcast offered a one-hour preview from Movistar Stadium with some experts like Cristobal Rosaleny or Toni Cuquerella, to give way to the race in full with journalists Noemi De Miguel and Jose Antonio Ponseti, present on the asphalt of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was a live broadcast that lasted more than four hours where you could follow the race in its entirety, with special attention to "our" drivers Fernando Alonso and Oriol ServiĂ .

The broadcast of the Indianapolis 500 Miles has been the most watched live broadcast on channel #0 since its launch, competing closely with major sporting events such as the Superbowl, the NBA All Star, the RMA-BCN ACB classics, etc... The Indianapolis 500 Miles is the second most watched live broadcast since the channel opened, only surpassed by the final of the Copa del Rey basketball tournament. This figure is even more significant considering that it is a variant of motor sports that is not very recognizable among the general public in Spain. As we saw years ago in the "premier class", the arrival of Fernando Alonso to the competition has aroused many fans. It is a fact that, until his arrival, neither F1 nor Indycar have had so many followers.

Indianapolis 500 beats the Monaco GP in terms of viewership

#0 was the undisputed leader in that time slot on the platform over the rest of the channels, including the generalist channels.

Coincidentally, the golden minute of the broadcast coincided with Fernando Alonso's engine failure and his abandonment of the race, which indicates the large number of fans who followed the evolution of the event in its entirety.

From the point of view of social networks, the hashtag #IndyMovistar was the top trend on Twitter for much of the race and after it. The hashtag's social statistics show, according to Movistar+, that in the seven days prior to the event more comments were made than any other hashtag linked to the platform's content in 2017.

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