Audi SQ5, now with 3.0 TFSI petrol engine

With a length of 4.671 mm, a width of 1.893 mm, a height of 1.635 mm, and a homologated weight of 1.995 -it seems that they have set the Corte Inglés-, I do not see it meandering nimbly through a narrow mountain road or doing laps on a circuit, but hey, if Audi insists on saying it's a sports car ... of course, the body is adorned with expressive air intakes, very useful to frighten the traffic ahead. The interior is reasonably spacious and very well finished, and the boot of 500 to 610 liters is quite capable...

The Audi SQ5 was available only with a 313 hp 3.0 V6 TDI engine.

The 2,995 cc 90° V6 engine is made entirely of aluminum, and the tremendous torque of 500 Nm is constant between 1,370 and 4,500 RPM. Features include a natural compression ratio alteration through valve phasing and a twin-scroll turbocharger to reduce response time. It weighs 14 kg less than the previous model and is made of aluminium, with integrated grey cast iron cylinder liners, with independent cooling circuits for the block and cylinder head, and also integrates the exhaust manifolds, which are bathed in coolant.

Audi SQ5, now with 3.0 TFSI petrol engine

The transmission is an 8-speed Tiptronic, which has the function of rolling "under sail", which disengages the transmission in favorable circumstances and circulates briefly in neutral, all for fuel economy ... How could it be otherwise, the all-wheel drive is permanent, sending in normal conditions more torque to the rear axle, in addition, when practicing a more sporty driving, a slight pressure is applied to the brakes of the inner wheels to reduce understeer. If you want even more, the optional rear sport differential minimises understeer even further...

Five-link suspensions on both axles guide the wheel movements perfectly, and the variable damping system applies firmness only when necessary. An air suspension is available as an option to vary the ride height, but if you're thinking of taking your SQ5 off-road, think again, because the 45-profile 255 tyres on 20" wheels don't look the most suitable for roughing it on rocky roads. However, if you think the standard wheels are too small, you can always fit the optional 21" wheels...

The list of standard and optional equipment is extensive, so as it is not a matter of boring you with the long list of driving aids and infotainment systems, I'll just say that it has everything you can expect from an Audi mid-high range today: cruise control with automatic function in traffic jams, lane keeping, etc..

There's no denying the SQ5's technological prowess and its design and build quality, but... Is it a sporty SUV?

It's more than likely that the SQ5 is more efficient on the track than a GTI, but does that make it sporty? In my opinion, no, and this type of car can be very fast, but never sporty. Is it an SUV? Of course, it is spacious enough to accommodate an average family, but those wheels and suspensions do not seem to advise venturing off the asphalt, so in reality, it is no more versatile than an A4 or A5 Avant, and if heavier and clumsier.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a performance car, but not necessarily agile, you don't mind spending more fuel than a cruiser, you don't mind that your SUV can't leave the tarmac, but you love to let everyone know you have more money than good taste, this is the car for you.

What do you want a family car and a sports car at the same time? Well, for the price of the SQ5 you can buy an S4 Avant, also with all-wheel drive, and it's really good.

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