Where is the Tesla Roadster launched into space?

Where is the Tesla Roadster launched into space?

On February 6, 2018, Elon Musk's own Tesla Roadster was launched into space by SpaceX. Driving Starman, a mannequin with a special white suit that has become famous.

They have since passed 5 years, a long period during which the American sports car has done well 4 billion km orbiting in our solar system, at a speed of approx 26.000 km/h. We therefore asked ourselves where the sportswoman and her "driver" are today.

Inaccurate location

Based on the information reported on the site whereisroadster.com, Musk's sports car and the "stellar" mannequin should be exactly on the orbit of Mars, at a juncture between an ideal orbit of the larger Earth and that of the Red Planet.

However, it is impossible to state it precisely because it is only a question of statistical data. Clearly the normal signal GPS that we all know in space is non-existent, as is the connection to Internet.

Furthermore, several times over the years various astronomers from all over the world have often declared that looking for the Tesla in space would require a fair investment of time and money, which is not justified. To see clearly Starman and the car, in fact, would need to use a telescope of approx 14.634 meters in diameter.

Where is the Tesla Roadster launched into space?

The 2011 Tesla Roadster

Where is the Tesla Roadster launched into space?

The interior of the 2011 Tesla Roadster

Continuing to talk about numbers alone, if the car hadn't impacted against planets or asteroids during these five years, today it should have traveled around 4.059.922.776 km.

As for Starman, he had been positioned in the driver's seat, with one arm resting on the bodywork and another on the steering wheel. Two headphones connected to the car's audio system, which had been charged with sunlight, were placed in his ears two audio tracks: Life on Mars? and Space Oddity, obviously both by David Bowie. Impossible to determine today if everything is still functional and if the batteries are still actually charged.

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